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Purple Lens Filter for CamGo Z 4K
Purple Lens Filter for CamGo Z 4K
Purple Lens Filter for CamGo Z 4K

Purple Lens Filter for CamGo Z 4K

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Product Description:

The professional colourised purple lens filter is designed for both underwater and land photography with the CamGo Z 4K Action Camera. Filters transmit some wavelengths of light and absorb other wavelengths of light. Purple filters transmit red and blue light whilst absorbing green light. A purple filter is designed to eliminate green-tinge hues that ruin photos. A purple filter will counteract the green tinge, balancing your photos.

The purple filter lens is ideal for counteracting green-tinged light caused from fluorescent lighting in the environment, the lens assists in the following ways.

  • Ocean - Ideal for lighting environments with dark green foliage, photos with the purple filter provide more clarity and definition to light green foliage
  • Land - Great for nature photography and lightning the colour of the sky

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Glass, Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: Purple
  • Lens Diameter: 29mm

Package Includes:

  • Purple Filter Lens x 1

Product Notes:

  • Action Camera NOT included.
  • Detachable lens cover that can easily be installed and dismantled
  • Compatible with CamGo Z 4K & CamGo Z2 4K

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